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WorldClass Amateur Boxing Team

The WorldClass Amateur Boxing is a non-profit organization in Allen, TX, located inside The Jym. Jerome Davis founded it in 2011 with the aim of enhancing the self-esteem, academic performance, self-discipline, and wellness of young individuals. We mentor, train, and engage individuals of all ages and body types in boxing competitions. We aim to mold young champions into productive adults who will become future community leaders. At WCAB, we strive to positively impact our community by being part of the solution.



Founder of WCAB Team with over 40 years of training amateur and professional boxers. 


Head Coach of the WCAB Team with over 5 years of amateur boxing experience and training.


Retired Pro-Boxer with over 15 years experience as professional and amateur coach. 

Albert Rodriguez.jpeg

Boxing Coach with over 30  years experience as professional and amateur boxer. 

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